ABU Banned Students Association.

The school management of the Ahmadu Bello University(ABU), Zaria, has considered to put up a list of proscribed and banned students associations, clubs, and unions that is associated with the school.

Students of ABU are to realize that once an association or club or union is banned from a school it means that such association or club or union can no longer function and it is as good as dead or non-existent and has now become prohibited or out of bounds for students to recreate the group or join as members.

Remember also that there is a penalty for disobedience to whoever that breaks the rule of conduct. Be careful to view the list of proscribed and banned associations/clubs/unions as it is already communicated below;

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Those proscribed are:

  1. Nigerian Universities Engineering Students Association (NUESA)
  2. Nigerian Universities Education Students Association (NUESA) and all Departmental Clubs/Unions in the Faculty of Education.

Those banned are:

  1. Engine 313
  2. Ex-Boys
  3. Ex-Commandos
  4. Ex-COPS
  5. Ex-Jams

This action was taken to allow peace and orderliness to prevail in the University.

The University Security Service is directed to monitor and report any erring proscribed or banned associations/members for disciplinary actions.

A. Kundila

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